• Cotton Candy Machine

    Cotton Candy Machine with Pink Cart

    Please call to reserve this product

    Includes: Blue or Pink Floss enough for approximately 50 cones. Cones included.

  • Sno-Cone Machine

    Call to Reserve!

    Comes with 1qt of Flavor and 50 8oz Cups

    Blue Coconut
    Wild Cherry
    Sour Apple
    Tiger's Blood
    Pina Colada
    Fruit Punch

  • Dunk Booth (Water not included)


    1. *No Diving
    2. *One person in the booth at any time
    3. *No food or drinks in the booth at any time
    4. *No shoes
    5. *One person throwing at a time
    6. *No one over 250 pounds on the seat

  • #506 Primary Colors Hot Air Balloon

  • #505 Inflatable Pink Couch

  • #503 Inflatable Snowman

    20' Tall!

  • 6' Table

    1 Standard 6' White Plastic Folding Table

  • Metal Folding Chair

    1 Folding Chair

  • Party Pack (Add to any rental)

    1 table and 8 chairs with any inflatable rental.

  • Hot Dog Roller w / Bun Warmer

    Only Includes Machine

  • Popcorn Machine

    Comes with popcorn mix and 50 bags.

  • Gas Generator

    Includes 1 tank of Gas.

Fully Insured & State Certified

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